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Diaper rash in children: how to prevent?

Опрелости у ребенкаUsually in children rash appear in the inguinal folds and on the buttocks. The reason for the development of diaper rash, skin irritation due to exposure to feces and urine, friction and moisture, the growth of the bacteria. However, the rash is quite preventable, just follow the basic rules for the care of skin in those places where wears a diaper.
Nutrient medium for bacteria is dead cells and the secretion of sweat glands that collects in the folds of the buttocks and the groin area. Therefore, after each change of diaper especially thoroughly clean these places. Rinse the skin with running water with the addition of children’s liquid cleanser, for example, using foam-shampoo. Before using this tool is to make sure that it is no part of the soap component of the alkali, contributing to the development of dry skin. After careful pidmyvannya wipe and blot the crotch of the baby soft diaper or napkin. If you are outside the house, take special wipes for children that are designed for pollution control, what a fine job.
When changing the diaper, make it a rule to make the crumbs air baths. However, it should be handled individually, so how the kids will react differently to changes in temperature. Consult with your pediatrician on this issue.
After each change of diaper use protective cream under the diaper, more details can be viewed here. This cream is applied only to clean skin, thin layer, gentle stroking movements. Cream under the diaper to prevent diaper rash and creates the skin breathable reliable barrier that will protect from feces and urine.
Change diapers as often as possible, do not look at the manufacturers ‘ recommendations.

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