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Diet after childbirth

Диета после родовOnce you have the child, the weight is reduced by about six pounds. But, in order to enrich the body with all the necessary useful substances, even after childbirth, will have about four pounds of fat.
Many women gain weight due to hormonal changes, nutrition and lifestyle. But this is only temporary, so you panic no reason. If you use the exercise and to eat properly – excluding FAS food, reduce the amount of consumed starchy and sugary foods, you can lose weight in a short period of time. Take care that the house was quality appliances Hans, which enables quick and easy to prepare quality food.
After childbirth is not recommended greatly injure myself to eat and sit on a rigid diet. Lactating women must remember that the quality of food consumed by a baby is totally dependent on maternal nutrition. Even if you do not need to breastfeed your baby, wait a couple of months is a must.
Food should be exclusively full and varied, so that the milk was rich in all essential vitamins and minerals.
This requires daily to eat:
– not less than half liters of milk products (yogurt, milk and yogurt);
– 100 grams of cottage cheese, but not much fat;
– not less than 250 grams of meat;
– about a kilogram of vegetables;
– 50 grams of butter and eggs;
– a loaf of bread;
– half a kilo of fruit.
Do not stop taking vitamins, prescribed to drink during pregnancy. Don’t forget the liquid, which must be consumed about three liters daily. It is important not to forget about the chair, if necessary, drink a laxative.
Sitting there, remember the fact that food can cause an allergic reaction in toddler. It is recommended to avoid strawberries, coffee, chocolate, honey, pickles and preserved vegetables, rich broth of meat, sausages smoked.
If the weight is strongly typed, then you must abandon mayonnaise, cream, meat fat, sugar, sweet and starchy foods, as they contain large amount of calories.

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