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Diet ephemera

Диета однодневкаIt’s just excellent diet for those people who do not quite normal enough willpower to stay on any diet for more than a day.
Just one day! This diet for just one day – it’s just fun, not to feel constant hunger and even feel full. This diet, in any case, will not bring you any discomfort, because you’re eating delicious meals, five times a day!
Good advice. Three main meals (1 Breakfast, lunch and dinner), 2-Roy’s Breakfast and, of course, afternoon tea is the habitual snacking. All day you can drink different fruit or herbal tea, but without sugar. Improves digestion, perfectly invigorates, providing a constant sensation of ease and excellent health. The basis of this diet are raw or slightly cooked (about 3-5 minutes in a little salted water) vegetables and fruits.
The menu for the day.
BREAKFAST. A plate of granola 3 tablespoons of corn flakes, finely chopped green Apple peel and a Cup of sour milk.
2nd BREAKFAST. 2 tablespoons of plain cottage cheese with three grated on a coarse grater, carrots, all this season with lemon juice, white pepper and salt.
LUNCH. A fresh salad of corn salad, chicory, cucumber, 3 carrots, one onion, 2 tomatoes, cooked in a hard-boiled egg, sprinkle everything with lemon juice, pepper, salt, one tablespoon of olive oil, a little spoon of grated horseradish and sprinkle everything with fresh green onions.
An afternoon SNACK. Special drink of half a Cup of plain low-fat yogurt, whipped in a blender with cucumber and onions, to fill all the dill and a small amount of horseradish, pepper and salt.
DINNER. Great sandwich, two thin slices of bread, made of whole grain, brush with a little low fat margarine, a couple leaves of lettuce, two tomatoes, two tablespoons of cottage cheese with a little onion and a bunch of green onions, half of the cucumber, season all with pepper and salt and any herbs.

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