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Diet from Italy

Диета из ИталииThe best gourmets in the world, it is considered to be the Italians. First of all, they always care about their beauty and health, so need a bit to listen to their advice about the Italian diet, it will help for a long time to maintain good health.
The Italian cuisine can talk for hours, because Italy, rich in wonderful recipes, but its uniqueness is in the way of their food. Italians always eat together with friends and your family, just enjoying the great food and of course enjoying red wine.
Food treats as something soothing. You can just relax and treat it as a special celebration, during which, like, break away from boring everyday life. Eat slowly and clearly chew. Enjoy every bite and pleasant society.
After the meal be sure to go get some fresh air and go for a walk with those who actually sat at the table. Discuss and enjoy this moment as if You are a true Italian from the South.
Popular pizza also has its own “version with vegetables.” Is added to it with fresh tomatoes, onions, olives, peppers. Remove your bad habits, for example, there in front of your TV or computer. Give up fast food. Use, can, where possible, oil from olives instead of the standard butter.
Breakfast: you Can afford a small cake with fresh coffee. II Breakfast For women – fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice, and for men a delicious sandwich with fresh fish paste.
Lunch: Can consist of a couple of dishes. The first submit – “antipasti” – this light snack of sliced pieces of melon with ham. Or served “crostini” is a dish that consists of small slices of fresh bread with sliced mozzarella, which is baked right in the oven. The main and the most important dish is of course pasta, pasta with various sauces, Your choice. After this the leaves are served with fresh salad or fresh vegetables, prepared with a variety of images, with a portion of fish or meat. Finally, dessert is being served.
Snack: of Course, you can eat to choose your favorite fresh fruit, milk yogurt.
Dinner: Dinner is the main meal. It should be prepared boiled, Tuscany or raw vegetables with pieces of meat, fish or cheeses of course. It is best to eat lightly or unsalted cakes. Optionally, you can drink a glass of white or red wine.

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