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Dr. Merlin and his Italian procedure

Доктор Мерлин и его итальянская процедураItaly is the center of world fashion, but perhaps for her such status is not enough. Specialists in Italy are working to the fullest and they are trying to appropriate another status – cosmetology center.

New in cosmetic non-surgical facelift – Face Reshaping. Its founder is an Italian plastic surgeon Marco Merlin, who was already well known among movie stars, socialite and just women who want to look constantly excellent.

What is a facelift?

Marco Merlin believes that age-related changes occur not only in the form of wrinkles, but also in various areas of the face that appear with age is much older. A person becomes old, tired and unhappy expression.

The indicators of aging: bags under the eyes, change of facial contours, reduced elasticity and tone of the person is manifested nasolabial folds, jowls.

It was the Italian lifting is perfectly suitable as a means of combating aging of the skin. During the Italian procedure first of all there is a complete examination of the changes which happened in consequence of increasing age. After revision, a gradual recovery of the person, not the filling of wrinkles fillers. For each zone, folds, wrinkles there is an individual approach, as it provides all the youthfulness of the face. Sometimes even the most radical methods is difficult to achieve the desired result, and Italian lifting will help you with this.

Доктор Мерлин и его итальянская процедура

What is included with this lift?

The procedure uses three components to rejuvenate.

The Botox. Using the spot technique it is possible to make correction of the corners of the lips and eyes, as well as the elimination of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid. There is a restoration of the facial proportions as before in his youth.

At the end of all stages of injections carried out the injection liquid hyaluronic acid. It helps to restore the skin rejuvenated, that is, firmness and elasticity.

Italian physician responsible approach to this lifting. His method allows not only to rejuvenate and improve the appearance, but keeps your facial expressions and feature.

The procedure for the rejuvenation and restoration of the exterior only takes half an hour. No recovery period is not necessary. Italian doctor uses super thin needle and cannula, and this prevents injury to the tissue, the formation of edema and hematoma.

After the procedure you noticed already the effect of lifting Italian, and after a few days you will see the full result will occur when the action of Botox. The effect persists for more than a year, was used as fillers in Italy.


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