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Electric syringes

Электрические шприцыFor those who are afraid of injections, announced sensational optimistic news. Soon after the introduction of drugs under the skin can be made without the needle. Trypanophobia, that is, those patients who are afraid of needles and injections, now you can safely go to any vaccination.
Painless injections using an electric syringe are made in a split second, almost without breaking the skin, not have any side effects, and most importantly – can be negotiable. Electric syringes have the function return fluid intake, and this applies not only to blood sampling. Injected under the skin of the injection may be again withdrawn into the syringe, which minimizes the possibility of medical errors.
The basis of the mechanism beshalach the introduction of the principle of the impact of AC and magnets. The hole diameter is not more than a mosquito bite is done in a safe and painless the interaction of current with the skin, and the magnets on the phase of the low-pressure injecting a drug into the epidermis.
De facto, similar injection method is contactless, therefore, prevents harmful for human body microbes in or under the skin. That is, the patient is protected from possible swelling, suppuration and inflammation. The discharge current leads to the acceleration of blood circulation and the drug is rapidly absorbed. Data may be performed by any type of vaccination. Temperature of supplied current does not affect the viability of the antibodies.
Electric syringes, experts predict, will soon become a real panacea in the world of professional medicine. In addition to the interaction with the skin, electric syringes will be able to interact with more delicate fabrics, for example, with the eyeball. A new technology of injection sites will greatly simplify the lives of patients, as well as give confidence in the minimal expenditure of funds by the state, because the electric syringes are reusable, and safe.

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