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Electronic cigarette: description

Электронные сигаретыBefore you buy this or that thing, people try to meet her that there are objective desire. Because such training allows you to get the maximum benefit and to avoid erroneous acquisitions. When it comes to equipment or fixtures, it is necessary to understand the arrangement and the operation of the device is to understand how to use it and whether it is for personal use. In the case of electronic cigarettes, check out their design and principle of operation is practically mandatory.
Electronic cigarette is a device that is designed to simulate Smoking with the aim to reduce psychological and physical stress on the person who quits Smoking. On the device, electronic cigarettes like inhalers. That is the person that uses them, not breathing smoke and products of combustion and vapor – electronic elements vaporize tucked into the fluid device. In fact, such a device as “electronic cigarette” is not a cigarette in principle.
Most modern electronic cigarettes consist of three main components: a cartridge in which the evaporated liquid, the battery supplies power to the device, and the actual spray. Cartridges electronic cigarettes allow you to pick one or the other composition with a certain concentration of nicotine. That is, if a person quits Smoking, he can gradually reduce the dosage of this substance. But we must remember that a cartridge usually lasts for a limited amount of puffs.
The battery is unremarkable – just need to remember that it periodically needs to be changed. Different types of electronic cigarettes have various types of batteries, and sometimes it may not be right for each other.
Sprayer, or as it is also called an “atomizer” is a key disadvantage of the device that generates steam from the liquid filled in the cartridge that actually creates the effect of smoke from cigarettes. However, as already mentioned, the products of combustion in such a few no – the device can be used even in places where Smoking is prohibited.
It is noteworthy that the composition for electronic cigarettes can be chosen so that the nicotine in it may not be – in this case it will be the device for inhalation of vapor with aromatic additives. And what it will not do.

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