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Elimination of defects of the skin: laser resurfacing

Устранение дефектов кожи: лазерная шлифовкаThis technique is perfect for anti-ageing effect. After this procedure, fade fine lines, pigmentation and other skin blemishes.
Fotogaleria is what is the basis of laser type resurfacing of the skin. During this process under the high temperature of the instant vaporization of tissue. Not worth paying the high cost, this procedure will suit your needs
So, what you can apply this type of grinding?
Laser resurfacing copes with skin blemishes. For example, pigmentation, scars, scars, stretch marks. That is, it can be used if: wrinkles in the forehead and earlobes, the corners of his eyes, pigmentation and freckles, dark circles under the eyes. Today it is the most modern and effective way of getting rid of keloid and hypertrophic scars. You can also apply after burns, the atrophy of the tissues. That is, the result can justify the cost of such resurfacing.
Elimination of defects of the skin: laser resurfacing
How does it work and what happens?
In cosmetics, this method is practically the most effective, lasting results. Such grinding may permanently remove the scars, the psychological state of a person is greatly improved. Seniors can get rid of pigmentation, women from wrinkles and young people from the effects of acne. If you want to change your life, then it is quite reasonable price for such pleasure. Make yourself comfortable and with a sense of emotional satisfaction.
Using a laser can remove the surface layer of the skin. Thus there is rapid regeneration of cells. Also induces the production of collagen and reduces the rehabilitation period.
What are the advantages of this method?
During the procedure, it is necessary to control the depth of tillage. Such a procedure to remove scarring occurs without blood and fast. The cost may be affected by the area of the scar and type of anesthesia. Also, this grinding has established itself as a great way to remove scars after acne. This grinding gives better result than a chemical or mechanical polishing.

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