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Endermologie LPG massage

Эндермологический массаж LPGEndermologie massage, widespread massage currently. This type of massage was invented to reduce weight and arrogant fight against cellulite without interference from the outside, that is surgery.
Endermologie massage is carried out using LPG, which is called Cellu M6 Keymodule. Many foreign words… I think everyone will be interested in fashions of the West. Endermologie massage with LPG is the only technology in the world, the performance of which was recognized as the world’s leading surgeons and professionals in the field of plastic surgery, this can truly be called a revolution, because it serves as a great alternative to liposuction in matters of reducing excessive weight and cellulite, fight against cellulite without interference from the outside, that is surgery.
Procedure Endermologie massage LPG consists of the following: massaging the area massaged kind of rollers, through the special protective suit. In this connection it creates what is called a fold of skin that with the first roller seizes folds, and with a second roller smoothes. This procedure is repeated many times with a gradual move by massaging the area. This procedure is accompanied by vacuum.
The whole process of massaging is displayed on the display apparatus, the apparatus is the doctor sees the effects of each movement, allowing you to make the analysis and to increase or decrease the intensity of work.Эндермологический массаж LPGSessions Endermologie of LPG massage are completely harmless and safe, are held in the shortest possible time.
Regarding the selection of the number of sessions you should consult a specialist in massage. There was not one person who wouldn’t give positive feedback about Endermologie massage LPG, and the one who felt all its advantages, is now a regular visitor to this type of massage.

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