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Energy massage Reiki

Энергетический массаж РейкиMassage Reiki is known worldwide for its healing properties. Energy massage Reiki is a unique healing complex, which is based on a certain frequency of vibration with the universe and the harmonic nature of love.

This type of massage has a positive effect on emotional and spiritual state of man, as by using special techniques, the therapist carries out the login information in the human field and balance the situation, giving the space a new, positive energy.

The whole point of the “Energy massage Reiki is as follows: as a body is sick, his energy sheath is reduced, which leads to an imbalance and malfunction of the organ. The main condition for the giving of massage is a healthy massage and hands intact. Since the calculation is that the massage therapist holistic energy sheath, without damage. Masseur puts his hands on top of the skin over the patient body and energy level is an energy exchange and balancing energy and information membranes of the patient.

Founders Energy massage Reiki claim that the energy and health of the physical state of a person largely depends on his moral and emotional state, they recommend first and foremost to believe in yourself mentally, spiritually, then physical problems will go by the wayside and soon you forget about them. By attending the session, Energy massage, Reiki, your body will have the opportunity to relax, both physically and mentally.  Consequently stabilizes energy and balance information that will lead to the improvement of the circulatory system, increase confidence in their abilities and in General it will increase the welfare of the whole organism.

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