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Entry to the gynecologist

Запись к гинекологуAs a rule, with the onset of spring comes the exacerbation and progression of chronic diseases and problems related to women’s intimate sphere is no exception. Now it is the time when you need to schedule an appointment with the gynecologist and to make a full examination of the female body. Let’s find out what it can hold this medical procedure as well as what you must have in this case.

If you intend to schedule an appointment with the gynecologist in the district hospital in your area, buy the pharmacy set needed for gynecological examination. This set includes a mirror for inspection, sterile gloves and one diaper. In that case, if you made an appointment at a private clinic, the medical establishment provides its patients with gynecological sets, and you absolutely nothing to worry about.
At the reception you will need to inform the doctor the date of the last menstruation, briefly tell us about the health problems that is bothering you and why you have come to the examination. Gynecologist required to assess the condition of your sexual organs, also the vaginal mucosa and cervix. In addition, it should take you two required stroke. Primary smear – urogenital, which are taken from the urethra. Next smear test is conducted from the cervical canal of the uterus and the posterior information of the vagina. Produce a smear test from the point of view of the number of leukocytes, erythrocytes and also examine the composition of the microflora, this procedure may be time to reveal the presence of trichomonads and gonococci. Secondary smear charge on the surface of the vaginal area, cervix for timely cytomorphological examination. Ultimately it allows you to determine the status of the epithelial tissue, to detect various changes in cells.
In a private clinic gynecologist you will be asked to perform a colposcopy or videocolposcopy – the so-called examination of the cervix and the vaginal mucosa using microscopic techniques to display images on the monitor screen. This method of inspection helps to identify to identify painful areas and the actual degree of their differentiation and proliferation.
In addition, the doctor will hold the above manipulations, he still use your fingers to produce the study, which doctors call bimanual. During this procedure, it produces the input index and middle fingers of one hand into the vagina of the woman, and the second lightly puts on the wall of the abdomen. This way he can determine the seal and consistency of the cervix, the size and condition of the uterus, isthmus, appendages. This process may also be accompanied by pain, which gives an indication of inflammatory lesions in the abdominal cavity of the patient.
And the last stage gynecological examination is the examination of the chest. The doctor takes him back to the different positions of the patient: when you are in sitting, lying and standing. The doctor definitely pays very great attention to the size, seals, symmetry, consistency, condition nipple, examines the inguinal lymph nodes, the condition of the skin of the mammary glands.
He further holds hand feeling each breast in a clockwise direction. The doctor can compress the alveolar part of the breast in order to see whether there is any fluid from the breast. After that, the doctor should record all of the identified results is got your medical history and talk about additional tests and consultations. So remember, dear women, what to schedule an appointment with the gynecologist for an examination is necessary at the first sign of the disease, it will save your health for a long time.

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