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Erectile dysfunction

Эректильная дисфункцияErectile dysfunction or impotence is a disorder in men, characterized by lack of erection and the inability to perform sexual intercourse. Often, this condition may be accompanied by lack of libido, rapid ejaculation, which has a very negative impact on the quality of sexual life, and, consequently, affects family relationships and psycho-emotional condition of the man.

Some time ago, the diagnosis of “impotence” was put almost all men complaining about power and reducing erection, but many patients erection remained, but her strength was not enough to conduct a full sexual intercourse. In addition, studies have shown that men with weak erections much more than men, in which it is completely absent. So the doctors had to divide violations into two categories: erectile dysfunction is a partial decrease, impotence is the complete absence of erections. The result of this separation doctors managed more efficiently to carry out treatment and to develop effective drugs, for example, the drug
Before the main causes of impotence were considered different psychological problems or disorders in the process of exchange of sex hormones. Recent studies have shown that psychological factors are important, but the main reasons are changes in the mechanism of erection. There are the following causes of erectile dysfunction and impotence:
Psychological: stress, depression, nervous strain.
Nervous: violations in the intervertebral discs, injuries, alcohol abuse, multiple sclerosis, diseases of the pelvic organs and so on.
Venous: problems in the outflow of blood.
Blood: Smoking, hypertension, diabetes.
Medication: the use of antidepressants, drugs for stabilizing the pressure of other drugs.
Many men, unfortunately, are embarrassed to go to the doctor at the first sign of disorder. But in many cases, the erection can be recovered, for which it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes of its development. And to do this without specialist impossible. After the examination, the doctor will determine the cause and prescribe adequate treatment.

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