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Массаж эсаленEsalen massage was founded in the mid-twentieth century, scientists in the U.S. Murphy and Richard. In the process of its creation scientists have the assertion that the human body is a holistic system of his emotional relationship with the physical and psychological world. According to their theory, it was necessary to find a happy middle between the three spheres. Esalen massage consists of many different techniques, that is, connects the Swedish, Spanish and other types of massages.
Esalen-massage is characterized by light knocks and a steady stroking. The main principle is to do everything in rhythm, as a result properly set the rhythm will be called a reflex contraction, which generally gives a positive result. To a lesser extent used by stroking and stretching, but despite the reduced number of such techniques, it has an excellent effect on the improvement of the joints and lymph nodes.
Esalen-massage has a strong effect on removing to a greater extent physical exertion, and to a lesser extent, moral and emotional. Thanks Esalen-massage all human organs begin to work in tone, as if knowing each other, thereby improving their stable job, which leads to the improvement of the welfare of the whole body, and he rapidly regains its self healing.
Massage Esalen
Esalen-massage relieve physical tension, after visiting a few sessions you will feel a great surge of strength, your joints become more mobile and their elasticity will increase, in other words, your body will breathe new life.
This type of massage goes well with hydro massage and other types of massage that can be used in parallel, and particularly suitable massages that are designed for stress relief.

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