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Examination at home beloved pet

Обследование на дому любимого питомцаLike people, four-legged Pets, birds and other animals periodically need medical care. If a person is not always able to visit the doctor in the clinic, and a sick animal may need emergency care, without unnecessary stress and shipments.

Reasons to call the vet

Usually to their Pets people call physician for several reasons:

  • nontransportable condition (heavy childbirth, trauma, vomiting, high fever, shortness of breath, bleeding, poisoning, convulsions, paralysis and other dangerous conditions);
  • lack of time to explore the city;
  • unwillingness to go somewhere, if you can call a doctor;
  • the desire to protect your pet from unnecessary trauma.

If the last three reasons are not so relevant for the technician, the first cannot be resolved in any other way. On the condition of the patient animal bad long trip to transport to a veterinary clinic. Because of traffic jams on the streets of this trip can be very lengthy. On arrival visitors will find a large queue of the same owners of sick animals. The new environment and the presence of other four-legged will cause stress in the patient, and his weakened body easily succumb to any infection.
To avoid all these troubles, it is better to go to the veterinary clinic “Care” and save yourself and your pet from unnecessary problems.
Advantages clinics

In Moscow many medical institutions for animals, but not all of them are trusted by potential customers. On the professional level, low tariffs and service efficiency should not even speak, as these indicators is trying to boast of every clinic. However, “Care” has other advantages:

Call a specialist at any time of the day. Heavy condition of the animal can not wait until the morning, so the arrival of the doctor at night can save his life.
The presence of specialists of different profile. All clinics are veterinarians who do not have a narrow specialization. It is impossible thoroughly to know the signs of any disease and methods of combating it, if you consider this amount of information. Consultant clinics “Care” first, listen to the animal owner on the phone, and then send the appropriate specialist (trauma injuries, ornithologist for birds and so on).

Any suspicious behavior of a family pet demands attention and professional advice, which will be more successful at home.

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