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Facial contouring

We get older, it cannot be given. But modern cosmetology allows you to fight aging of the skin. You want to smooth wrinkles, improve facial contours, more sensual lips? One effective and popular in the present day methods of solving these problems is the contouring that can be done in the beauty salon or clinic.
Contouring is such a method in the correction of facial contour and eliminate wrinkles, in which special chemicals are injected under the skin. These drugs, called ” fillers include hyaluronic acid, collagen, synthetic and mixed fillers and cells taken from tissue of the patient. Fillers usually consist of a mixture of various drugs, vitamins, amino acids and other substances. Sometimes they add components painkillers.
The main drug used by cosmetologists, is a gel of hyaluronic acid. When contouring procedure skin cells receive nutrition, enriched, and most importantly, change the volumes of the face. The result of applying the contouring will not take long, unlike surgery, where a full recovery takes about a month. Effective these treatments at the first signs of ageing with the appearance of small wrinkles. Deep wrinkles contouring can’t hide.
The procedure is carried out only by certified professionals. The skin pre-cleanse, anesthetic cream is applied and start of injection. After the procedures you need about 7-14 days to follow some rules, for example, not to go to the sauna, sunbathing. Small results are visible on the second day, and after 7-10 days, there is a finite form. They are saved from 4 months to couple of years depending on the use of the drug.
– nasolabial and other folds;
– large veins on the hands;
– “saggy” the contour of the face;
– wrinkles.
Also you can use this procedure:
– to increase and correction of the shape of the lips;
– in the plastic intimate places;
– for the correction of the nose, cheekbones, ears, forehead, chin.
– pregnancy and lactation;
– viral disease;
– inflammation at the injection site;
– acute illness;
– age less than 18 years of age;
– Allergy to injected drugs.
– severe pain;
– swelling;
– hematoma;
– allergic reactions;
– inflammation;
– moving gel.

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