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Factors that influence human growth

факторы роста But this does not mean that their child will not be able to rise above their parents. There are other factors.
First, you must determine the right diet. Try to eat foods with a high protein content. It promotes the development of muscles, strengthening of bones. Fast carbs to give you energy, but bad impact on the musculoskeletal system. Eat more plant foods rich in zinc, vitamin D and calcium. The absence of these components in the body, leads to slower development of bones. Improper diet leads to weakening of the body, inhibition of development. In addition, overweight people often seem less.
Secondly, exercise. Physical activity is especially important in the period of puberty. Enroll in any section or just start going to the gym. Regular exercise stimulates muscle growth. Do not be lazy to go Hiking. Try a longer walk.
Thirdly, more sleep. The body grows when a person is sleeping, as during sleep increases the production of growth hormone. The more you sleep – the more time you give the body the growth. However, you should not sleep more than 10 hours a day. It can harm. Sleep is necessary for 8-10 hours.
The human growth stops after puberty. Typically, this is a period of 20-25 years. During puberty you must carefully monitor your daily routine and eat right. Quitting bad habits and adherence to the simple rules of a healthy lifestyle, will help you become tall, beautiful and confident person.

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