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Features urethroplasty

When selecting indications for urethroplasty take into account the child’s age, the stock of skin and the size of the penis. Deficiency skin the implementation of the intervention was delayed until an older age. Urethroplasty all the children ended with urinary diversion by cystostomies drainage.

The success of the operation depends on scrupulous observance of intervention, choice of suture material and careful postoperative management. We long ago abandoned the use of catgut when comparing the edges of the flap and use for these purposes, fishing nylon fishing line size of 0.1 mm.

Daily dressings, washing cystostomies drainage, and 5-6 days and the newly formed urethra with a solution of antiseptic fluid, early physiotherapy appointment at the crotch (5-6 day — UHF, with 14 days — ultrasound with hydrocortisone ointment) as well as the volume of medical services in order to guarantee the success of plastics channel.

Self urination patients is carried out on 16-17 day after surgery, then removed cystoscopically drainage. Urinary fistula in the suprapubic region is normally closed for 2-3 days, and by the end of 3 weeks, patients are discharged home.

Complications in the form of a urethral fistula is small in size, requiring repeated closure was observed in 5 children, orchiepididymitis, stenosis of meatus in 3 patients. In 2 cases of persistent stenosis of meatus, the propensity to gross keloid scar parameters were investigated immunological properties of the organism and carried out correction of the revealed violations by means of a complex of therapeutic measures.

Long-term results were studied by the developed questionnaire administered 58 of the operated patients and their parents. Gathered information on 30 patients, 24 of which arrived at the examination in the clinic, the rest sent the necessary data in writing. The questionnaire included questions about the age of the parents during the birth defect of the urethra, their attitude to Smoking, alcohol before sexual debut.


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