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First aid for fainting

Первая помощь при обморокеThe simplest medical help in case of loss of consciousness must be able to provide any person. It would be better to teach these techniques to children in school. It is from the behavior of others in the first moment of syncope often depends on the life of the victim. Fainting can cause a variety of factors. Consider the generic algorithm of actions in similar situations.
So, the patient lost consciousness. First, you will need to catch him, carefully laid on a flat, hard surface to prevent damage if dropped. The victim must be placed on the back, slightly lift the legs, to stimulate the access of blood to the head.
Immediately you need to call physicians. If the victim is not breathing, heart rate, possibly a heart attack. The pulse is easily palpated in the region of the carotid artery at the wrist. In the absence of the heartbeat, immediately begin CPR – indirect heart massage, artificial respiration.
After recovery, heart rate, respiration, soak the face of the victim with water or wet cloth. If the victim is conscious, place it correctly, give nitroglycerin.
Otherwise, if the victim is breathing and pulse being explored, it must also correctly put, and literally sniff him. Case of intoxication will not be considered. If you smelled the acetone smell, or something similar, perhaps this is a case of hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic coma. The victim should be given something sweet, better than regular sugar. After that the victim wakes up.
In the case of an epileptic seizure, you should put the victim’s head on his knee, deploy it to the side, to prevent choking on vomit. Usually epileptic attack ends after a short period of time.
The General procedure is the following:
Check breathing and pulse.
Lift the legs.
Positioning of the head on one side.
To give access to oxygen.
Loosen collar.
Check out the smell from the man.
To try to bring the victim in a sense by means of ammonia.
Moisten face with water.

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