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For and against plastic surgery

плюсы пластической хирургииToday, the use of the services of a plastic surgeon in different areas to become equally available to various categories of citizens, as a visit to the dentist, for example. In order to increase or decrease the lips with injections of Botox, Your account should be debited only three hundred euros.
However, it is not a material question of transfusions from the account of the patient at the expense of potential doctor today about the public. That plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes has become the norm, does not erase the question of normativity, ethics and aesthetics, the use of such surgical manipulation.
No one can deny that the correction of defects of the face resulting from injury or disease, is something unnatural. However, what to do with those opponents with plastics, ready to anathematize the girl closing an ugly hump on the nose. It seems that such a dispute will remain forever insoluble. Indeed, in the century of total siliconizing and artificaly all things, including people, so closely was a natural beauty in the world. And that scares even stronger, the natural beauty is not always a guarantee of health, and the perfect line of the nose can be a real punishment for beauty, if the partition was in some way broken from the inside (even in childbirth, many years ago). Then the unfortunate will have to turn to reconstructing the plastic, even if it is a fanatical opponent.
Excessive plasticity, and this has been proven by scientists from different countries abroad, is a signal of a possible mental rejection, depression, which can develop up to a paranoid psychosis. By the way, something similar occurs in humans overly passionate about the art of tattooing.
Anyway, plastic is not something Taby or shameful, but all you need to know the measure and the line which cannot be crossed, otherwise all the cards turn against You.

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