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Free to breathe – struggling with chronic sinusitis


The causes of chronic sinusitis are the most diverse. Often the patient receives a temporary regression of the symptoms of recovery, although this situation can lead to chronic sinusitis. Of course, some drugs, in particular, Sultamicillin, can have very good therapeutic effect; however, in the treatment of sinusitis, you should remember that only a doctor can surely say, healthy or not.
You also know that sometimes chronic sinusitis may occur many years. Often it provokes significant complications that affect other organs such as the liver, heart and lungs.
What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

First of all, the disease is necessary to diagnose and sinusitis is no exception.

The main manifestations of sinusitis two:
When productive form of sinusitis triggers the appearance of polyps.
At the exudative form inside the nasal sinuses appear accumulation of inflammatory fluid pus.

Treat sinusitis

After determining the form of the disease, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment. If a patient has a productive chronic sinusitis, you first need to remove the polyp; otherwise, the treatment for both forms are very similar. It consists in the removal of edema of the mucosa of the nasal sinuses is required for outflow of inflammatory fluid. You must also remove the pus for this doctor may use a catheter to carry out the nasal lavage or puncture. The last stage of treatment is the use of antibiotics, in particular, Unasyn you can buy in any pharmacy. Other medications used for sinusitis include most antibiotics, which contains a basic anti – inflammatory drug-penicillin, because this disease is it is bacterial in nature. Besides drugs, the positive effect has also therapy, the key objective is to increase the immunity of the patient.

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