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Frosty the procedure in modern cosmetology: cryotherapy

Морозная процедура в современной косметологии: криотерапияIn modern cosmetology the treatments are very popular among the beautiful half of humanity. Liquid nitrogen is able to solve almost all problems associated with the skin defect. Cryotherapy helps to get rid of warts, acne, warts, alopecia.
Liquid nitrogen is itself the substance of the mind resembles water, odourless and colourless. Nitrogen tends to boil at a temperature of -195°C. It is safe in that case, if it is not subjected to special compression.
Liquid nitrogen has a wide range of applications, thanks to him you can perform cryotherapeutic action. During the procedure, you will not feel pain and discomfort. This kind of treatments do not have side effects.
The result after the procedure, liquid nitrogen is almost immediately visible. This procedure is suitable for almost all categories of people. Cryotherapy may not be the case if you not individual tolerability. In some cases, cryotherapy can immediately solve the problem of the patient, and some have to apply with the additional procedures of cosmetic nature.
After some cosmetic procedures cryotherapy is very good to use. For example, skin resurfacing, hair removal, exfoliation, thermocoagulation. With the help of liquid nitrogen you can avoid swelling, inflammation or other troubles that may arise after the above procedures.
If you can find an excellent beautician, and he will advise the correct course of treatment, your skin will be much younger and healthier. Cryotherapy helps speed up the healing process of wounds and stitches. Also with the help of frosty treatments can get rid of excess weight.
Морозная процедура в современной косметологии: криотерапия
What are the limitations in freezing procedure?
If your skin is highly sensitive to cold, then you should refrain from such a procedure. Procedure cold is contraindicated if you have infectious diseases and diseases of the blood (chronic phase and acute stage), diseases of the blood vessels (arteritis, vasculitis, Raynaud’s disease).
Indications for use of the procedure with liquid nitrogen.
Using cryotherapy can help you solve problems with aging skin (swelling, wrinkles, elasticity, etc.). Also peculiar to solve another set of problems: acne rosacea, hair loss, acne, scars, enlarged pores, scars, warts, poor circulation of the skin of the face, oily skin.
Based on what principle?
The basis of the procedure laid impacts on receptors of the human skin ultra-low and low temperatures. The reaction vessels is a sharp contraction, and after the expansion. This improves the flow of blood and improved nutrition of the skin tissues.

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