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Fungus on nails: symptoms and treatment

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nails, which affects about 10-15% of the population of our planet. Often affects the toenails. This disease occurs when the non-observance of rules of personal hygiene when visiting swimming pools, saunas, baths, wearing someone else’s shoes, use alien wisps, not disinfected manicure instruments, etc., you should pay particular attention to the fact that nail fungus in old age to cure much more difficult than in the young.
That should alert you?

The symptoms of onychomycosis:

  • change the color of the nail (the appearance of a whitish, gray or yellow spots or bands, which eventually spread to the entire nail plate);
  • nail platinum is white, not transparent;
  • there deform: uneven, bumpy, and it can become subtler or to thicken and crumble.

If you notice these symptoms, contact your doctor and start to undergo treatment.
What can assign a dermatologist?

In the first place (especially in the case of running onychomycosis) the doctor will prescribe the use of systemic antifungal drugs (fluconazole, Itraconazole, terbinafine and other). In combination with oral medication is necessary to apply external solutions and varnishes, which include ciclopirox and amorolfine.
Minor lesions of the nail plate to overcome nail fungus on hands and feet only local application of antifungal drugs. In both cases, you must first cut off the affected part of the nail or use a set of “Mycospor”. After that you can apply the solutions and varnishes.
Want to win onychomycosis once and for all? Consult a competent dermatologist who will prescribe the necessary tests, will make an individual plan for treatment, and follow its recommendations. Remember: it is impossible to cure fungus on the nails for a week. It’s a long process that can take several months.


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