«Мэри Бэль»


ФурункулёзSummer is a great time and many people, tired of the long cold winter, I try, whenever possible, to spend more time surrounded by nature, near various bodies of water. Camping and fatty foods, serve alcoholic beverages is unfortunate, but, nevertheless, one of my favorite pastimes.
Immunity after the winter is usually weakened, there is a vitamin deficiency, impaired metabolism – in such circumstances, “waking from hibernation” pyogenic microbe Staphylococcus aureus.
Additional stress on the body – “cultural nature” can (if you do not comply with the measure and to neglect even basic rules of hygiene) lead to rather sad consequences – microbes begin to reproduce and be active. Time not disinfected microtrauma skin hit her with mud, coupled with the inevitable in the heat, sweating, friction of clothing – the reason for undertaking the inflammatory process of the hair follicle, which leads to a boil.
It appears where there is hair on the neck, face, lower back, and looks like thick red bump. The third or fourth day at its center formed an abscess, which is when the breakthrough opens the terminal. Then, in turn, together with blood and pus, he goes and wound seroprevalence.
This “pimple” is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. If reduced resistance of the body – the disease may take sluggish ongoing and excessive suppuration. If in this case, continue to ignore the treatment, there may well be a blood infection, and, in the worst case, death.
The shortage of supply, infectious or chronic diseases; metabolic disorders; severe fatigue; impaired nervous system, and even more – in fact, worse, refusal of treatment may develop boils.
Skin rashes become smaller in size, but in large numbers, often fever, accompanied by headache, General malaise.
Self-medication is in any case unacceptable, as well as the use of different warming compresses, trying to pierce the “head” – all of which can lead to serious complications. Moreover, for recovery from boils should cure the underlying disease, which served as the catalyst for its development.

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