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Gel cytoskeleton

Гелевый цитоскелетToday an obvious fact that the priority vector for the introduction of new technologies in medicine are projects for the reproduction of human tissues outside the body, allowing scientists to create “spare parts” of our body. Ideal scheme of similar projects in the future as follows: if one organ is not functioning properly or critically damaged, we can just replace it with a new, custom reproductive “Assembly line”, i.e. in the laboratory.
Perhaps a breakthrough in creating artificial tissues is the transition of the cellular level. Today there are dozens of concepts special gel that will imitate the natural functions of living cells of the human body.
The gel is created from special material, every part of which is only four times the size of the DNA double helix, i.e. has a diameter equal to only 7.5 billion parts of meters, and wherein each particle is tightly bonded to each other to give the gel a special structure.
As we know from basic biology course, even in cells has its own type of skeleton, called a cytoskeleton, a building material which is a special kind of protein. Synthetic gel will take the place of the cytoskeleton in the cell, and in cases where the gel will need to use for, say, healing wounds, particles, a special gel will be able to replace any living cells of the body that have been lost or damaged. Of course, one should not have expectations that there will soon be using this tool to grow lost limbs or organs, just sculpting them from pliable gel. Its mechanism of action is not so universal.
If you look at the cell-gel replication from a purely practical side, be worth to draw attention to the fact that the resulting network of cells cell skeleton works like a tiny collector array. Fluid can pass through the cage, thus allowing the wound to continue to heal, but artificial skeleton prevents the bacteria entered the body together with the liquid.

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