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Getting rid of wrinkles

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Have you ever wondered why some people suffer from wrinkles on a fairly young age, and others not? There are many answers to this question. Everyone knows that Smoking can cause wrinkles to form faster if You will not apply sunscreen, hateful blemishes too soon will submit news about yourself, etc. But a new study finds another potential cause of early facial wrinkles – genes, which we adopt from our mothers.
It is known that mitochondria, often called the “powerhouses” of cells that make up our bodies are directly related to aging. Because these mitochondria are damage, they mutate and lose their ability to produce energy, leading to a “breakdown” of the cells, and therefore – and the signs of aging.
One recent study in the journal Nature, articulates the idea that mitochondrial DNA from our mothers also affects our rate of aging. That is, if Your mother had wrinkles at a young age, You could be unhappy owners of facial wrinkles on the forehead or in the folds at the corners of the mouth. On the flip side, if Your mother had smooth skin with no blemishes in her 40 or 50 years, You can expect the same luck.
The study, focused solely on aging and genetics, draws the attention of modern physicians to the need for the development of therapeutic interventions that focus on mitochondrial function and, thus, slow down the process of skin aging. Unfortunately, such projects are likely to become available within the next few years, until larger studies will not be conducted.
However, there are certain cosmetic procedures available today that can help people with signs of premature aging. Regardless of whether You want to have lasting results, as in the case of deep facial lines or something less aggressive, for example, eliminate fine wrinkles on the forehead, you can probably benefit from visiting the office, certified by a Committee of plastic surgery. For example, Botox injections, which have become very popular in the last five or six years, producing results that remain visible for several months.

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