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Hardware rejuvenation Тhermage

Аппаратное омоложение ТhermageProgress does not stand still – and this applies cosmetology. As of today, modern non-surgical method of rejuvenation Thermage. Although not studied the side effects and contraindications, but this homologically procedure in demand. The popularity of Thermage is that after the procedure the patient is younger by six months.

In 2002 was patented Thermage as a technique for rejuvenation. Such a procedure invented Javier Ruiz-Esparza – American scientists. This method of rejuvenation has the same result as plastic surgery facelift. But unlike surgical facelifts Thermage has no pain, cuts, joints and on time is much faster. Тhermage demand in 72 countries, and even more. Why to go under the scalpel, if possible it’s much faster to make and beautiful. The ThermaCool device has a frequency of 6 MHz and a radio wave has a profound impact. When the beam passes through the hypodermis and dermis, happens heating collagen fibers, and this leads to tightening and sealing.

Within a few hours after the procedure rejuvenated you will feel the effect of lifting. The effect will be intensified in the past 6 months. Such radiation promotes the formation of collagen fibers, which over time will be strengthened. As a result, strengthen the skin will be taut and smooth. Thermage is not only a treatment for the face and other body parts that need lifting effect.

Аппаратное омоложение ТhermageUsing such hardware procedure to get rid of puffiness, wrinkles, double chin, stretch marks, eye bags, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the lips and nose.

During the procedure you will be able to feel alternately touch hardware attachments, then cold, then hot. Since the device has a sensor that measures the temperature of the skin, depending on the temperature, the frequency of the radiation is adjusted.

Most plastic surgery requires a stay in hospital, and Thermage does not require anesthesia or hospital. It is suitable for any skin type, and most importantly that after you can go to sunbathe. The effect will last up to three years.

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