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Harmless and contactless modern procedure: Photorejuvenation

Безвредная и бесконтактная современная процедура: ФотоомоложениеIn today’s world there are numerous treatments and therapies that prolong youth! Let ability to support our youth, and not eternal life. Treat yourself to a holiday of beauty at least for a while. This cosmetic procedure – photorejuvenation, which contributes to increase the regeneration of cells, remove skin defects.
This cosmetic procedure is non-contact in nature. During the procedure, the skin acts only light. In a special setup there are several modes of light radiation. Such a device is perfectly cope with the problem of pigmentation, skin imperfections, age problems, facial wrinkles. After photopreneur skin looking taut and youthful.
This procedure takes about a half hour or less. It is safe, painless and no rehabilitation is not necessary. How many procedures are necessary? It all is determined by the physician, depending on the difficulty and type of skin. It is worth noting that progress on the face is visible after a few treatments. During the procedure you will feel the warmth and slight tingling. After the procedure can stay during the day the redness and peeling of the skin. And in order to mitigate these effects without cream emollient nature.
Harmless and contactless modern procedure: Photorejuvenation
Before the procedure you need to consult a doctor. To determine the number and exactly which treatments you need. Because basically all cosmetic procedures has its contraindications. It’s light sensitivity of the eye, pregnancy, cancer, etc. You also can not start the procedure if you are taking antibiotics, antidepressants, or recently underwent ultraviolet radiation.
The modern procedure used on exposed areas of the body and not only. Usually is the neck, hands, face. As these areas of the body subjected to external stimuli. Usually this procedure is recommended after 30 years, but before, if there are dark spots, freckles.

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