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Health and household chemicals

Здоровье и бытовая химияIn everyday work we use a considerable number of different drugs, household chemicals. The components contained in these tools, often having a devastating impact on our health. How to prevent the possible negative effects of the use of these funds?
First you need to narrow the list of used chemicals. For example, does not degrade the quality of bathing glasses, you can do without Steklova funds. Window frames and glass, which are usually wash a few times a year, you can clean with plain water, a clean cloth and paper napkins. If you ventilate, it will only improve the microclimate.
Another optional chemical means – all kinds of air fresheners. These drugs only mask the bad smell, but not get rid of him. It’s more sensible just to ventilate the room a few moments, organizing a small draft. The unpleasant smell will disappear, will be easier to breathe. The room, in General, should be aired once a day, even in winter.
When washing dishes, liquid detergents drugs recommended for use in small quantities, and tea cups to wash using plain baking soda. After washing thoroughly rinse it under running water.
The surface of the gas stove, of course, but it can be difficult to clean without the use of special drugs. In this particular case, their use is quite acceptable. When cooking, remember that food is trapped on the surface of the plate, must be discarded, since the plate cannot be washed as carefully as he does the dishes.
Any household chemicals should be purchased as the need for them, and not “in reserve”. This especially applies to washing powders, Packed in cardboard boxes, as they are extremely strong smell. Such powders should be stored in a tightly sealed plastic bag.
After washing the clothes should be very thoroughly rinsed to completely remove residues of detergent. After washing, especially if washed by hand, it is recommended to ventilate the room.

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