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Health in their own hands

Здоровье в собственных рукахScientists with analysts assert that virtually everyone already owns one of the most ubiquitous health innovations, and this device is none other than the smartphone. In iPhone apps allow you to take pictures of the electrocardiogram, wherever the patient to measure the pressure level and the frequency of heart beats, and this is only a small possibility of how smart the phone is capable to work on the health of his master. Even radiologists are able to read medical images, to monitor moles for the detection of mutations, which are one of the symptoms of skin cancer.
Of course, a single camera is not alone, to paraphrase a famous proverb, say both doctors and developers of applications for smartphones. You must purchase a special sensor that will be fixed in the form of pegs on the base of Your index finger. Such sensors may be polyfunctional, and in the future may even be able to put his own blood, giving the results of its analysis on the smartphone. However, today, it’s just challenging projects.
David albert from Oklahoma made the AliveCor application development, and accessories for smartphones from Apple. Thanks to electrodes that connect directly to the phone, every person is able to remove himself electrocardiogram. AliveCor, in fact, is a special case attached to the iPhone with electrodes on the front side. The patient is able to capture your heart rhythms and send them the recording app on the iPhone, allowing the doctors to read the data line. This gadget will be supplied on sale for 99$. The app allows patients to track their own data about heart rate, sometimes documenting fleeting arrhythmias, to follow the positive work of heart muscle dynamics when lifestyle changes (withdrawal from nicotine, exercise, etc.)

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