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Health of the driver: the main rules. Part 1

Здоровье водителя2An accident or a traffic accident is an event that occurs as a result of collision or contact of vehicles with each other or with people on the road, which injured or killed people, damaged buildings, vehicles, goods or suffered other damage. Usually accidents occur because of two categories of factors – factors that do not depend on the driver, and the factors that on the contrary, are directly dependent on the driver.
To reduce the likelihood of such accidents every driver, sitting behind the wheel and even a bmw, you should know these factors. Especially pay attention to the following factors, which the motorist is able to provide:
– Exceeding speed limit. Due to the inability to adequately respond to threats, speeding is one of the most dangerous factors that affect the occurrence of the accident.
– Alcohol intoxication. Similarly, alcohol slows your reflexes, dulls alertness and reduces the ability to concentrate, which leads to very different, often fatal, consequences.
– The use of mobile phone while driving. Talking on a cell substantially blunt response and do not allow to concentrate on the road, especially if the conversation is interesting. If you need to talk urgently, it is better to stop the car, to talk, and to continue the movement.
– A conversation with passengers. Similarly, the mobile phone greatly reduces the concentration of the driver on driving.
– Eating while driving, Smoking and other human needs. A single moment that you spend in order to light a cigarette or unzip a candy bar is enough for the situation on the road has changed dramatically. Try everything you need to meet before you get behind the wheel.

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