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Health of the driver: the main rules. Part 2

Здоровье водителяManagement of electronic devices. Switching the music on the player or reconfiguration of the course on the GPS Navigator can take a lot of time and distract you from driving, which is very likely to lead to accidents. Try to do all this before you travel. Or make a short stop is 2-3 minutes of time, which you will lose, really worth it to protect yourself from accidents and incidents.
Technical condition of the car. If the car is faulty or there are defects inside the structure, no security measures, concentration and skill will not help you to avoid accidents. Try to regularly check your car, spend the mufflers repair, both independently and with specialists who are well versed in the structure of the car. It usually requires no extra costs, costs may only require repairs, but in return you get the confidence that the car will not let you down in a dangerous situation.
Ignoring the traffic regulations. These rules are not invented just to make life difficult for drivers. They allow you to control traffic and ensure safety equally to all road users. And if you ignore them, then first of all you endanger yourself, and then for other road users.
Ignoring the safety rules of using the car. For example, ignoring the seat belt, no inside car vital things, like a fire extinguisher or first aid kits, and other similar actions. Usually ignoring such rules are not in the risk of accidents or do so only indirectly, but if the incident has already occurred, this behavior can cost you your car, health or even life. So it is better not to do it.

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