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Healthy food and saving

Полезная еда и экономияHealth is worth all the money. However, to reduce the cost of food, making this a useful, perhaps.
Stockpile fruits, vegetables in their season. Then these products are cheaper. In addition, greenhouse vegetables yield gardening by their taste and vitamin content. So you can do the freezing and harvesting vegetables for the winter. Cook a variety of pickles, jams, can or bottle, freeze your berries and fruits. This will help preserve considerable funds.
Confectionery, mayonnaise, sauces can be prepared at home. It will be cheaper, healthier and tastier products prepared industrially. Among other things, you will always know that the food is not flavors, flavor enhancers, dyes.
Use forest gifts. You can gather forest berries: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. Food produced with their own hands is always tastier than store bought. Even if you are not a fan of forest walks, you can get closer to the forest and to buy the gifts of the forests by the local people.
Try to find a permanent seller. In this way, you will be able to guarantee the quality of products, to get a better price. If you prefer packages in supermarkets, select one. This will save money on discounts.
Try to buy in bulk. Large networks provide good discounts to wholesale buyers. Among other things, the bulk purchase saves money on transportation costs, save time. Large stocks to do, of course, not worth it. Count on six months. This will help avoid spoilage.
Go for plain water instead of soda. Water is more useful and less expensive. This is especially true in the summer. Sodas bad quench thirst and is often harmful for the body.
Don’t go shopping hungry. Otherwise you will get a bunch of junk food. Pre match lists.
Take food for work from home. Homemade food is healthier and tastier office.
Observing all the above tips you will be able to avoid many diseases, even such as degenerative disc disease treatment which, always unpleasant and expensive.

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