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Healthy sleep: the main rules

Здоровый сонThere are a few simple rules that will help to create all conditions for a good and healthy sleep. These rules are designed to make the body during sleep properly perform its function, and this is beneficial not only for the health in General, but also on the person’s mood during the day.

1.Try not only to lie, but always Wake up at the same time, any day of the week.
2.It is advisable to go to bed before eleven o’clock in the evening, because during this period the body is best configured to relaxation.
3.I do not advise to eat at night, if you really unbearable, grab a bite to eat light food, for example, dairy products, fruits or vegetables.
4.Don’t drink before bedtime beverages such as cocoa, tea, coffee, alcohol. Most promote healthy sleep decoction of mint and chamomile, warm milk with honey.
5.Very useful and help to sleep walks in the fresh air immediately before bedtime.
6.Falling asleep, do not think about various problems – leave these thoughts for the day. It is better to relax and help the body to recover and rest.
7.It is advisable not to take a cold shower just before going to bed, cold shower more useful in the morning. In the evening will allow you to relax in the warm shower or bath.
8.Quick and quiet sleep contributes to the soft slow music, calm literature, nature sounds, and so forth.
9.Be sure to ventilate the room before going to sleep.
10.Correctly set your bed, buy quality mattresses 190 195, hypoallergenic pillows, soft bedding.
11.In the sleeping room should be dark, otherwise you will sleep surface sleep that will not allow the body to fully recover and rest.
12.Experts recommend to sleep completely naked, if cool, better warmer to hide, why not put a bunch of things.

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