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Hidden infections

Скрытые инфекцииLatent infections are infections that are sexually transmitted, for example, Ureaplasma, chlamydia, Mycoplasma and others. Some of these diseases may manifest itself after a certain period of time after the incubation period, and many infections, for example, a ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, many people occur without symptoms.

Also to hidden infections are diseases such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, syphilis, they can be detected only if to hand over analyses on the latent infections as they occur, without showing symptoms. Refer to latent infections also many viruses, from which people do not often suffers, that is, the disease is hidden – human papillomavirus (HPV), cytomegalovirus, herpes virus.
The clinical picture
Many latent infection can “live” in humans, months, or even years, not manifesting itself outwardly, but gradually affecting the internal organs, especially the sex. Sometimes they manifest themselves in the form of such minor symptoms as mild burning, itching, small rash in the genital area. Often the signs of infection are literally in minutes, and sometimes for a few hours or days. Then people forget about them, not giving them a special value.
Hidden infections sometimes affect not only the reproductive organs of the sphere, and other organs and organ systems, for example, can adversely affect the immune system, reducing the duration and quality of life. Can latent infection to hit the small and large joints, causing diseases such as arthrosis and arthritis, can also suffer membranes of the eyes, resulting in the develop diseases such as keratitis, iritis, conjunctivitis.
Latent infection is incredibly dangerous because they are not diagnosed in time, often at the stage of far-reaching complications. Sometimes hidden infections are detected by tests during treatment of other diseases.
The success of the treatment depends largely on timely and accurate diagnosis, it is therefore necessary to regularly undergo a medical examination. Treatment of latent infections is a complex medical and physiotherapeutic techniques that are detrimental impact on the species of bacteria. Also used in the treatment of immunomodulators, antibacteria drugs, hepatic and so on. Treatment should be assigned to the appropriate medical specialist.

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