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Hirudotherapy in the treatment of eye diseases

As many people know, hirudotherapy is nothing like the leech treatment. This method of alternative medicine has proven successful time.Leech therapy has been known to mankind since ancient times and until the mid 20th century it was widely used in classical medicine. With the help of leech therapy can treat many diseases. Not so long ago it became known that it is also possible to treat the eye with leeches in CIM. What kind of eye diseases can be cured with the help of leeches-Giroud?
Leeches are used in ophthalmology for the treatment of diseases associated with ocular channels and blood vessels, in particular, obstruction of the vessels located in the retina, corneal dystrophy, glaucoma, optic neuritis and keratitis, increased intraocular pressure. Also very effectively leeching helps with the recovery period after surgery, inflammatory eye diseases, burns, trauma, edema. To apply leeches can even if you have done laser vision correction, as in this case, very often increased eye pressure, and leeches will help to reduce and normalize.
It is widely known application of leeches for the treatment of glaucoma – a serious illness, a special form of distortion or atrophy of the optic nerve. Usually glaucoma develops due to violation of patency of the vessels within the eyeball, difficulty of drainage of fluid from the eye area, slowing tissue exchange. Leeches in this case help to cope with the causes of glaucoma, they can be used to restore the disturbed metabolism in the tissues, to reduce high eye pressure, improve circulation of fluids and blood vessels. Leeching helps even under severe exacerbation of glaucoma, almost immediately after the application of leeches an improvement.
The important role of treatment and for inflammations of the eye. The cause of such troubles can be bacteria and viruses, infections, burns (including chemical) and injury, poisoning and intoxication. The saliva of leeches, which they injected into the area of the bite, has potent anti-inflammatory effects, kills harmful microorganisms, stimulates the metabolism in tissues, improves their nutrition. Thus, decreases swelling, decreases the risk of complications. Known cases when only one leech, without medication, it was possible to cure various diseases of the eye.

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