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Hormonal causes of acne


Most people in their Teens faced with such an unpleasant problem as acne. However, this phenomenon is quite normal for a growing organism. However, some people with age not rid of acne. It happens more often in girls. If the age is no longer puberty and pimples all don’t pass, you may need not cosmetologist and dermatologist and gynecologist in Odintsovo and endocrinologist.
Modern doctors believe that the most common cause of acne is hormonal background. Some girls find it strange that the gynecologist Odintsovo on the reception may ask about the condition of the skin. However, problem skin – it is indeed often the problem is hormonal in nature. It has nothing to do with ointments or cleansing.
In adolescence, the body is rebuilt. This steroid hormone as androgen being produced in large quantities. Produced it like for boys and girls. At the end of puberty hormones, usually returning to normal. However, this may not happen. As a result, the spots continue to appear in an adult.
Why hormones are not aligned? The reasons can be very diverse. This is, for example, heredity. If one or more both parents had (or have now) skin problems, it is likely that they will have a child. Also disrupt hormones can drinking alcohol, Smoking, low physical activity and even banal stress.
In girls there is another cause of acne. It has a direct relationship with the menstrual cycle. During the last phases in the body increases the level of steroid hormones. That is why most women before menstruation can observe the deterioration of the skin.
It is worth saying that if the cause of acne is hormonal, then self-medicate to deal not worth it. First, your problem requires an experienced endocrinologist, which will reveal the cause of the violation is hormonal and will find a way to balance it. Secondly, with the external manifestations, that is, in fact, pimples, it is necessary to struggle under the guidance of a dermatologist. Only a comprehensive approach to solving problems will result.

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