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Hormone long life and sleep – melatonin

мелатонинIf the body there is a lack of the hormone melatonin, it causes the development of various diseases and the rapid aging of the organism.

Melatonin – the hormone of the pituitary gland, responsible for the normalization of circadian rhythms. Open the hormone was in 1958 Aaron Lerner Professor of dermatology during experiments on mice. It is now known that melatonin is present in virtually all living organisms, including protozoa and plants.
Melatonin in the human body as a compound that regulates physiological processes. Let’s take a closer look at the important properties of this hormone.
Melatonin is a great natural soporific, but his actions are not yet fully understood. There is a version that buying melatonin and its subsequent use will have an effect on the cells by reducing the secretion of other hormones and other biologically active substances, the quantity and concentration of which depends entirely on the time of day. But there is another view, according to which melatonin discloses a so-called “gates of sleep”, that is the hormone slows down mode vigor.
Has melatonin pronounced antioxidant activity, in other words, is able to bind free radicals, including hydroxyl radicals, resulting from the oxidation of lipids. Melatonin quite effectively protects against a variety of DNA damage, but to a lesser extent anti-oxidant effect on the protection of lipids and proteins.
In addition, melatonin is actively involved in normalizing digestion, blood pressure, brain cells, and helps to adapt when changing time zones.
It is also worth considering that a lack of melatonin can lead to very negative consequences.

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