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Hot stone massage

Массаж горячими камнямиHot stone massage involves the use of stones of high temperature, which will be used by the specialist together with hands. Muscles that are in the impact zone, due to the hot stones, get the opportunity to deep discharge and relaxation that gives a positive effect and increases the effectiveness of massage. The quality and the effect obtained depends on the education specialist, his experience and, most importantly, how the specialist loves his job. As practice shows, not all massage therapists love this case, on the basis that the stones are heated to a high temperature not being comfortable device to work.

The question is often asked regarding the selection of the type of stones. This massage is suitable normal sea pebbles. When there is no possibility to get a pebble, you can use an ordinary river stones, but experts still recommend pebbles. It is also important, is that these stones must be laid on a surface, which during the whole day will best be illuminated by the sun, thus they will accumulate positive energy, and in the process of massage will give it to you.Hot stone massage
Many people often inquire about the possibility of self-massage with hot stones. As you know, in order to set a positive tone the body from prolonged colds, it would be useful to practice massage of the palms, that is, to massage, using hot stones, palm, what can I do without going to a massage therapist, independently. For this technique it is necessary to have on hand a few stones, then put your other hand, palm on top, and the average force to squeeze, accompanying this squeezing of the fifteen-minute movement in the clockwise direction. Thanks to massage hot stones warmed bioactive points in the hands, which raises the overall efficiency of the whole organism.

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