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How Smoking affects the human body?

Как курение действует на организм человекаWhy do we smoke? Answers to this question, several, some people even in their Teens decided to try it, what the taste of nicotine, while others follow the example of their parents, because children always imitate them, there is also a third type of people who are watching different fighters, began to think that Smoking is cool. Unfortunately, all the “benefits” of Smoking, which can be described in pseudo-scientific films, as well as in art, where the main character has this bad habit is not true. The action of nicotine on the human body is not positive, for each Smoking is a slow death, but let’s examine in more detail how this addiction affects our body.

Nicotine is not only dangerous for the people in terms of negative effects on the body, but also on the type of psychological influence by addiction and increasing dependence on cigarettes, maybe you find interesting the fact that the leech, which will be delivered to the smoker person will soon die sucked the blood that was infected with nicotine. In addition, the effect of nicotine is that it does not kill immediately, because the dose is correctly chosen and people can live long and work on the tobacco companies, of course, Smoking does not go unnoticed, as evidenced by the sad statistics of diseases which were caused by nicotine. Save yourself the health of the smoker can only one way to forget about this habit, fortunately, there are many interesting literature that support this, such as how to quit Smoking Allen Carr is one of the most effective books.
Also, a smoker in the event of termination of the delivery of nicotine in the body, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. The fact that nicotine is a kind of breathing pacemaker, and if you suddenly stop taking it, the breath will not only be returned to a normal level, but oppressed. Fortunately, the man who dared to be free from Smoking, will experience this syndrome is not more than a week, then free will breathe clean air.

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