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How to buy drugs in the pharmacies?

Как правильно покупать лекарственные препараты в аптекахSome people medication is needed on a case-by-case basis, but some are always in need. How and where to properly buy the drugs?

For anybody not a secret that the cost of drugs at different pharmacies have different, and the price of the same drug is different even by 20%. How not to overpay?
Find pharmacy with discount policy for regular customers. If the drug is needed regularly and it is expensive, even a discount of 5% will be a significant savings for the family budget.
Get together with colleagues or friends and order medications in bulk over the Internet – this will give you substantial savings. Please note, when ordering medicines through the Internet for a small amount, will have to pay shipping, while some pharmacies free shipping when you order a certain amount. Therefore, we recommend to work together to implement the order.
Pay attention to promotions and special offers, passing the pharmacy buildings, look at the Windows, where provides information about existing and upcoming events for medicines, cosmetics and hygiene products.
Will issue a discount card with which many institutions attract regular customers.
I would like to draw your attention that to save on medication it is not only the best purchase, and proper storage. For each drug has its own rules for storing, for example, you cannot store in your kitchen cabinets pills and drugs in powders, as they easily absorb evaporation and this spoils quickly. Carefully read the manual that accompanies almost any drug drug.

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