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How to choose a safe deodorizing means for controlling sweat under the armpits.

This article covers the pros and cons of deodorizing means (deodorants, antiperspirants, desodorante-antiperspirants). Talks about the dangers of aluminum contained in tools such proper use…
Since ancient times people have used perfumes to give a pleasant smell to your body, clothes, home, etc., This tradition has been carried through time and today, proceeds from armpit perspiration eliminate odors have become part of our life. In this article we will focus on combat and then selecting safe deodorant or antiperspirant individually for each person depending on skin type, lifestyle and other factors. So, what is the sweat and how to fight it? Sweat glands in humans were inherent nature for the purpose of cooling the body. So during physical exertion, emotional swings, and even in some types of diseases, the body begins to heat and the body temperature can rise to this level (42 degrees Celsius) that people can die from so-called hyperthermia – excess heat in the body. And thanks to the sweat glands this is not happening, and the human body is functioning normally while separating sweat. Interestingly, the sweat initially has no unpleasant smell, and the smell of this appears due to the decomposition of sweat and related protective acid bacteria of the body that protect the skin from ingress of microorganisms. The range deodorizing means on the market today are very diverse – aerosols, roll-on lotions, deodorant pencils, powders, creams, etc. Many of these tools, in addition to performing its primary function – combat then, have antibacterial, disinfectant and even anti-fungal effect, but not all of them are equally useful. The pros and cons of funds from sweat. Deodorant masks the smell of sweat due to the specially selected aromatic compositions, which effectively acts on the metabolic mechanism of the sweat glands. Most contain antibacterial substances, phenols, triclosan – effective, but are tough on sensitive skin, as well as ethyl alcohol, which can be harsh on the skin flora. People with sensitive skin should refrain from excessive use of deodorant, if signs of irritation, stop using the tool. The deodorant will not be effective for people with excessive sweating, wherein the perfume composition mingling with sweat will cause even more unpleasant smell. Antiperspirant – does not affect the smell, and the “cancer of odour – narrowing them, thereby either reduce sweating, or prevent its release. Therefore, today there is a question about the safety of this product. Antiperspirant is able to block the secretion of sweat, the sweat stays inside the body and cause undesirable clogging of pores, which leads to swelling of the axillary areas. Although the antiperspirant is considered the most reliable means of sweat, it should not be used by people engaged in active sports, other types of physical activity, as well as in situations that are accompanied by plenty of heat. But the clogging of pores is not the only drawback of this tool. Antiperspirants often contain aluminum. This substance, according to the researchers, when injected into the tissues of the mammary glands of women that can cause cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. There are Antiperspirants that contain aluminum, but they are not as effective, but safe. Deodorants-antiperspirants – perform a dual function block sweat glands, and also contain aromatic perfume composition, to give a pleasant smell. This form of deodorizing means the most optimal, as it contains a bit of everything, which leads to reduction of the risk of an excess of one or another component that may lead to undesirable consequences. When choosing a deodorizing means, pay attention to the integrity of the packaging, ease of use, drying time, doesn’t leave the tool marks on clothes, does not occur after use of unpleasant sensations on the skin, carefully look at the packaging level neutral in Ph 7, and for people with sensitive skin should choose a hypoallergenic deodorant. And most importantly to use any means to fight then, no matter how much the company that produces the product provides protection for 24 hours or 3 days, the main thing every night after use, rinse it with leather. To apply such funds need only to clean, dry skin in order to avoid adverse effects from misuse funds to fight then.

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