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How to choose the right hair color for coloring

Как правильно выбрать цвет волос для окрашиванияVery often, many girls and even boys are trying to update its image is the most radical method – just by changing your hair color. But this is not always ends in success is our hair color is very closely associated with eye color, and skin color, in fact all of our pigments are interrelated, so experimenting with them can give absolutely incredible results.

However, to completely abandon painting and experimenting with colours should not often change hair color, you can achieve great changes in their way. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that hair painting is temporary, and after a certain period of hair will take their natural shade, so feel free to experiment with colors.
To paint a success, you need to learn how to do highlights at home and some basic details that will allow you to not look like a “white crow”.
If you color your hair for the first time, try to make a new color was different from your current all colors a few shades. Then you can gradually move away in the direction of a more radical color gamut, other than your current color, but at first it is better to deviate just a couple of tones. And you will feel more comfortable, and the probability that a new color, you will not get to the person who will be less.
If you already have experience in painting hair, remember that your old shade of paint along with a new can create a very colorful combination, very far from the desired and natural colors.
A similar effect can be achieved due to the impact of cosmetics for hair or various treatments, such as perms. Hair may very abruptly change its color.
To select a suitable shade there is such a thing as color scale – it helps in keeping your skin color to choose appropriate colors for painting. After choosing one or another shade, find the same color wig and try it. This will give you to understand, what color hair and rejuvenates as it will be a new shade to contrast with your complexion and skin tone.
The first painting is best done under the guidance of a hairdresser – he will help you to fix various nuances and defects that you are not exactly correct. He will give you a basic idea of how best to dye their hair.
Already having received instructions for the second, third and subsequent times you can buy one or the other paint and paint the house.

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