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How to give antibiotics to children?

антибиотики детямАнтибиотики являются настоящим орудием против бактерий. И если знать, как правильно его давать, то болезни быстро пройдут. You should not give the child an antibiotic as a preventive measure. Because it is a very strong drug that can act on the child’s body does. Before you give the child an antibiotic, you need to read the instructions carefully. It is not recommended to dissolve the drug in a sweet tea or water with honey, since it is unknown how the drug will act in this combination. We also recommend not to wash down the antibiotics juices. It is impossible to give antibiotics in combination with antipyretic agents. Must properly store antibiotics. In the case that they should be kept in the fridge, then before you give them to the child, you need to heat them up to room temperature. Cannot be combined with antibiotics multivitamins because they not only feed the child, but also harmful bacteria. It is best to give vitamins after a course of antibiotics. The recommended dose of antibiotics should not exceed. Most of these drugs have measuring cups or spoons, with which very simply measured the required amount of medication. If the antibiotic has not worked for two days and the child is not better, it is necessary to inform your doctor.

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