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How to maintain healthy teeth

Как сохранить здоровье зубовTo preserve dental health, white be sure to add in the nutritional diet of certain vegetables, fruits, which, in addition to dental health, will protect the health of your body in General.
Cauliflower, carrots, asparagus. Very useful will be the foods that contain a lot of fluoride, calcium, iron, phosphorus – dairy products, eggs, nuts, fish, and currants. If you add these healthy foods into your daily meals, this will protect the teeth, will supply the body with nutrients and vitamins. Extremely useful for firm fruits that play a specific role of the scrub. Prevent cavities helps reduce the consumption of sugar products.
The most important condition is the systematic cleaning of your teeth at least twice a day. We all know about this from a very young age, but few are applied in practice. Most forget about the evening brushing. It is evening care of the tooth enamel is the most important procedure for preventing the formation of dental caries. Dental cleaning should be done within 3 minutes. Dentists recommend cleaning your teeth after any meal.
The cleansing of the tooth surfaces is carried out using short, gentle strokes, avoiding excessive pressure on the gums, as this can cause bleeding, can cause excessive sensitivity of the gums afterwards. The correct method of cleaning teeth is to move downwards, protecting the gums and the gaps between the teeth from getting plaque. Close attention should be paid to sealed teeth, the teeth and the molars.
It is recommended to refrain from Smoking and consumption of coffee, because they adversely affect the health, appearance of tooth enamel. Because of these useless habits on the surface of the tooth enamel is formed disgusting yellow tinge. To remove it yourself, with the help of soda, it is not recommended, it is advisable to use the services of professionals.
To preserve health and the natural color of your teeth, you must follow a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet.

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