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How to make hair thick and long

Как сделать волосы густыми и длиннымиOf long and thick hair dream of all ladies who want to look beautiful and stunning. Of course, today in beauty salons can for a short time to do hair volume by increasing. Also a great solution for the fair sex are false strands – just a couple of minutes and You have a luxurious and long. Despite the fact that it is easy and convenient, many women prefer to have natural beauty. As without the help of stylists and additional financial resources to treat the hair and make them long and thick?

The meals. Hair is an indicator of your health. If they often break, secutity and fall, it means your body lacks vitamins and nutrients. The main building material for them are proteins and iron. A greater number of proteins are found in meat and dairy products, and iron – apples, beans, peas.
Head massage. This procedure is not only pleasant, but also very useful. Massage stimulates the blood circulation of the head, an additional flow of blood favourable impact on the stimulation of hair follicles, respectively, the hair grow faster. Also scalp massage perfectly soothes and promotes sound sleep.
Hair masks are able to nourish your hair, lick her after dyeing or blow-drying. You can nourish hair conditioners, conditioning, and recourse to traditional recipes, which are no less effective. It is useful to make masks from infusions of chamomile, calendula and tincture of Cayenne pepper, which accelerates growth. Real food for hair is an ordinary hen’s egg, its yolk. You must mix the yolk with honey or burdock. This mask is in regular use ways to make your hair thick and smooth. Instead of synthetic remedies, it is better to prefer cedar oil, making him the mask.
The beauty of healthy hair easy, you just need to take a little time for treatment and recovery, to limit the hair from contact with Hairdryers, straighteners, paints (especially ammonia) and the result will be visible very quickly. Dostignuti this goal will help, professional hair products offered by the online store “Reflex”. It will help You always look gorgeous and attractive.

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