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How to open a pharmacy warehouse

Как открыть аптечный складPharmacy or pharmaceutical warehouse is a room in which are preserved the medical and therapeutic substances and tools. In addition to storing this warehouse can purchase and implement medical and therapeutic substances and resources.

To arrange a private pharmacy warehouse little look to be room. Pharmacy warehouse must comply with fire, health and other regulations, which are confirmed fire, sanitary and other certificates.
General requirements for the content of pharmacy warehouse
Pharmacy warehouse must be located either in a separate room or in a public house, but disconnected from the rest of the premises, with a single entrance, access roads and the platform or platform for the handling of goods.
If the pharmacy warehouse is located in a residential building, cargo loading and unloading shall not be carried out through the entrance of a house or under the Windows of apartments where people live. For loading and unloading of products will require a forklift is not necessary to forget about it. To learn more about the trucks, and order high-quality warehousing techniques you can on the website pogruzchik.dp.ua.
Pets location of drug stores in the basement, with all of the above rules must be observed.
The area of pharmaceutical warehouse
The total area of pharmaceutical warehouse shall be not less than 150 square meters, which includes areas and departments:
utility and service rooms;
– storage of medicines;
– acceptance of goods
– saving medical substances requiring special storage conditions;
Department of the expedition and implementation;
The requirements for the preservation of medical and therapeutic agents
In the pharmacy stock mandatory medications are stored in a separate pallets and shelves in accordance with the groups and items. It is strictly not allowed storage of medications on the same rack or tray, and storage of medications on installed one on the other shelves.
For the safe movement of large amounts of medical supplies (containers, boxes, etc.,) in the pharmacy stock must be lifts, forklifts, etc.
In addition, in the premises of the pharmacy warehouse must be located hygrometers, thermometers, and the warehouse is equipped systems Vitino-ventilation and suppression.
Also decided to open a pharmacy warehouse should know that for the functioning of a warehouse owner should have mandatory medical license, which is issued by the Federal service on the basis of the submitted documents. The period of such license is perpetual.

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