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How to overcome drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a terrible disease that takes on the world thousands of people, and mainly affects the young people. Once for fun or for the company, without the help of experts already unable to cope. The people who first started to use soft drugs, over time, move on to the more serious. Rehabilitation center for drug addicts to help cope with this terrible disease.
How do drugs work?

Drugs cause a great impact on the human body.

What primarily affected by drugs:
Broken respiratory system, and the addict’s hard to breathe, and may eventually develop chronic hypoxia. In a healthy person, such failure occurs in old age, from this disease suffer all the internal organs. It is also possible full stop breathing.
The heart and blood vessels lose their functionality. Blood pressure the drug decreases and the pulse felt bad. All processes in the body slow down, and the young body more similar to the old one.
The most frightening thing is indigestion. Drug addiction will lead to constipation, an unpleasant smell from a mouth, the processes of putrefaction in the intestines. The man simply becomes a waste bag.

The impact of the drug effect on future children. This baby will be with deviations or can even be born handicapped.


To overcome any addiction, the most important is the human desire, because many, after the course of treatment, return to addiction.

The main stages of treatment:
General therapy includes treatment without drugs;
the main active treatment;
anti-relapse therapy.

Treatment must take place in the clinic or rehabilitation center for drug addicts. Because without the help of experts, the patient is not enough.

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