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How to preserve vision

Как сохранить зрениеOur eyes are a tool that allows you to see the world, collect data, analyze and evaluate external factors. Acute vision is a remarkable natural gift that should be protected.
However, in the technological age people are more likely to “hang” in front of the TV screen, computer. This leads to a massive deterioration of vision. What is the solution? How to save visual acuity, to avoid visual impairment? We offer you some recommendations for the conservation of vision.
Stop Smoking. This habit, in addition to the lungs, and adversely affects the clarity of vision. This habit increases the pressure inside the eye.
Eat blueberries. This berry preserves visual acuity, protect eyes from fatigue, is a great preventive measure. The berries can be preserved by freezing, and to enjoy them year-round.
Take your vitamins. This will ensure the eyes of the required elements for the perfect preservation of vision.
Correctly position the display. The monitor should be slightly below the direct view. This contributes to a lower location of the upper eyelid that protects the cornea from drying out.
More walk. Hiking heals the entire body, our eyes also. Protect the eyes from the direct rays of the sun.
Eat more greens. Add menu dishes with beets. Beetroot contains a lot of zinc, which supports visual acuity.
Let’s take a break your eyes. Every 15 minutes get distracted from books or monitor, be sure to focus the gaze on a fairly remote locations for 30-40 sec.
Track your blood pressure. Often eye illnesses are directly related to high blood pressure.
When hazardous work (welding, metal and woodworking machines) use safety glasses. This will help to protect the cornea from damage by foreign objects.
Follow these recommendations and you will be able to keep clear of the eyes from adverse changes. Because of the clarity – a real gem that depends on you.

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