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How to protect yourself from a heart attack

Heart attack is an actual danger for millions of citizens. In a separate risk category is to provide people over the age of sixty-five years. Among people under the age of fifty years, the greatest risk of heart attack prone men. Women suffer from heart complications after menopause. A prominent role is played by heredity. However, there are factors that we can change. It diet, stress, bad habits, lifestyle.
Source of heart problems is usually a dysfunction of the coronary arteries located on the outer walls of the heart. These arteries is to supply oxygen and nutrients to the heart. If oxygen is not received in a timely manner, the heart tissue die off, leading to severe attacks and even death.
Dysfunction of the coronary arteries is manifested when an excess of cholesterol. On the inner surface of the arteries accumulate deposits of fat blocking the blood supply to the heart. At the time of the destruction deposits blood clots or blood clots which can block the blood flow.
It is therefore important to protect their own vessels and to regularly visit a cardiologist. In addition to visiting the doctor, you can take other steps to protect against heart attack.
A beneficial on the condition of the vessels has a diet. It is advisable to refrain from consumption of fatty meat, butter. You can switch to vegetable oil. But you should remember that margarine (made from vegetable oils) can raise cholesterol.
Rehabilitation of the coronary arteries contribute fruits, vegetables containing vitamins E, C, beta-carotene. Very useful fish – herring, mackerel, salmon. More should consume nuts and legumes, whole barley grain.
Regular physical activity reduces the likelihood of heart complications. Very useful Hiking at a rapid pace.
Smoking increases the chances of earning a heart attack. Nicotine increases blood pressure and carcinogens harm the arteries.
Another factor that trigger heart attacks is stress. Stress may constrict arteries, and blood flow is reduced by 25%. So a positive attitude is important for heart health.

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