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How to remove age spots

Как удаляются пигментные пятнаIn the case when the spots and the spots are not the result of serious illness, if you cannot remove the cause, which causes their appearance, turn to the development of modern cosmetology. These are cosmetic methods pigmentation spots:

Chemical peels. Using surface peeling affected only the upper epidermal layer of the skin. Superficial peels effectively brighten surface spots, so will be the best method to remove stains, the origin of which is caused by the heterogeneity of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Peels median, which represents the catalogue of the Chinese cosmetics affect the deeper layers of the skin, the mechanism medium chemical peels stimulates cells replacement – old pigmented new young, who have not violated pigmentation.
Mesotherapy. Using mesotherapy is possible to introduce drugs into the deepest layers of the skin, composed of such drugs include inhibitors of the enzyme tyrosinase – vitamin C, linoleic acid, placenta extract, vitamin complexes, emoxipin – all these substances have a lightening effect.
Biorevitalization – injection or laser – allows you to enter different layers of the skin with hyaluronic acid, which whitens the skin.
Special whitening mask and cream spots. Enable using quality cosmetics bleach shallow pigment.
Skin whitening cosmetic products has to be done very carefully. The first thing you need to establish the reasons, due to which there is the appearance of age spots to the right way to try to influence them. To choose the whitening method, be aware of the diagnosis and the depth of the stains. In some cases, the use of harsh bleaching products, for example, to lighten the usual dark skin, can lead to the very opposite result, for example, will appear uneven coloring. In any case, don’t bleach birthmarks, such effects on them can become the impetus for their malignant transformation.
Prevention of the development of age spots, the first thing is to eliminate the main causes of their development – ultraviolet radiation. Be sure to use sunscreen cosmetics and minimal sun exposure.

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